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Central Minnesota Mental Health Center

The Central Minnesota Mental Health Center provides mental health resources specific to our local area. They have a Toll-Free Mental Health Crisis Response Line you can call in an emergency. The local phone number is 320-253-5555, or you can call toll-free at 1-800-635-8008.  (24 hours a day/365 days a year).

MN National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Great website with links to online support groups and classes, mental illness factsheets, and opportunities to volunteer and advocate.

NAMI Minnesota recognizes that:

A person’s faith and spirituality are part of the overall treatment and recovery process for mental illness. Discrimination, secrecy and shame are among the great obstacles that cause people to wait to receive help for their mental health and for the health of their loved ones. Faith communities play an important role in reducing these obstacles.

The way in which people of faith, in their community and in the broader world, can live out their faith is through justice, education, and care for one another.

Coping with Farm and Rural Stress

Farming can be a stressful occupation. Often, you live where you work. Your coworkers may be your spouse and/or other family members. While you get to be your own boss, you feel responsible for a lot and can control very little.

Financial problems, price and marketing uncertainties, farm transfer issues, production challenges, marital difficulties, and social pressures can be real sources of stress — even crisis — for farmers and farm family members.

Direct Contact Information: 

Additional Resources

We have compiled a list of resources for members within our congregation to learn more about mental health to support themselves or a loved one. 

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