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A Rich History

The Assumption Chapel, otherwise known as Grasshopper Chapel, is nestled among towering trees of the countryside that overlook Cold Spring, Minnesota. As a religious landmark, Assumption Chapel is visited by thousands of people each year who revel in the tranquility, beauty, and mystique of the grounds.

After years of reconstruction, the Assumption Grasshopper Chapel still remains in existence today. Celebration Masses, weddings, and other events take place throughout the year so everyone can experience the chapel as they please. Assumption Chapel is located in Cold Spring off of State Highway 23 and Chapel Hill Street, just off of Pilgrimage Road.

Invitation to join us in prayer

At the Rustic Assumption 'Grasshopper' Chapel

22912 Chapel Hill Rd,
Cold Spring, MN 56320

Each Thursday Starting May 2nd
7 PM Rosary | 7:30 AM Mass

Feast of the Assumption Mass

with Bishop Patrick Neary

August 15th | 7 PM Mass with Rosary at 6:30 PM

Please bring a friend or family member, lawn chair and please dress appropriately for the temperature and weather.

If inclement weather the rosary and the Novena Mass will be held at the Church of Saint Boniface, 501 Main Street, Cold Spring, MN 56320.

The Story Of Assumption Chapel

The history of the Assumption Chapel is one of legend.

In 1877, within the course of 24 hours, millions of Rocky Mountain Grasshoppers destroyed the grain crops of farmers in the Cold Spring area and honeycombed the countryside with eggs to hatch the following spring. It was devastation beyond measure. In the days that followed, Governor Pillsbury proclaimed April 26th, 1877, a  day of prayer. People of Cold Spring prayed hard and vowed that if the Blessed Virgin would rid them of the grasshoppers, they would build a chapel and offer prayers to her for the next fifteen years.

The next day, the grasshoppers were gone.

Townspeople kept their promise and built the chapel on a hill halfway between the parish in Jacobs Prairie and the mission in Saint Nicholas. The chapel was in operation until 1894 when a tornado destroyed the original structure. In 1951, the chapel was reconstructed by Father Victor Ronellefitsch, O.S.B., and the parishioners of the Church of Saint Boniface. This version of the Assumption Chapel is still in existence today.

Today, to celebrate the Chapel’s tradition of praying for good harvests, we host an annual Mass on August 15th. Additionally, every year, from May through June, a Thursday night Mass is hosted with parishes alternating services. For information on weddings at the Chapel, please contact us. 

Centered on Christ


We are the Centered on Christ Catholic Community: four parishes in the Diocese of Saint Cloud collaborating to form missionary disciples on fire for Christ.


501 Main Street
Cold Spring, MN 56320


Monday – 8:30 AM to 4 PM
Tuesday – 8:30 AM to 4 PM
Wednesday – 8:30 AM to 4 PM
Thursday – 8:30 AM to 6 PM
Friday – Sunday CLOSED

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